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API Advisors Group is comprised of educational experts, teachers, counselors, and coordinators with a passion for personalizing student achievement.  Our dedication to student success and accomplishment guides us as we coach families of college bound students in their quest for the perfect school, perfect score, or perfect career.

We offer full-service college readiness planning, educational support services and advancement courses for college bound students of all ages.  Whether you're looking for a little help with a challenging subject or acceptance to your dream college, we have a wide range of creative services to help you attain your goals. Our mission is to give you exactly what you want and the attention you deserve.

Our experienced professionals use proven techniques and the latest technologies to provide each and every student a unique personalized experience.  With years of experience behind us, we tailor the learning to meet the student.  This means more learning in less time and higher scores to show for it. 


Mission Statement: We're dedicated to providing college bound students of all ages with the support necessary to reach their full potential.  Our skilled and knowledgeable staff is passionate about academic achievement and specialize in building student confidence and success.  We build long-term relationships with our clients by providing every student and family the attention they deserve and the information they need.

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