Chris Electric

The winter storm season is here. Don't be left in the dark. Call Chris Electric- Authorized dealer for Generac Power Generators. 847-2542 or online at


Aquidneck Meat + Provisions

Need lunch? Too busy to cook dinner? Pick up today's sandwich special or tonight's dinner special at Aquidneck Meat & Provisions on Aquidneck Ave in Middletown. Purveyors of meats, cheeses and speciality foods, high quality products, extraordinary prepared foods as well as catering services. 


Newport Public Schools - 

Newport Public Schools wants to remind everyone that attendance matters. Being late to school causes your children to miss some of the most important instructions of the day. 


Fast Picture Framming

Fast Picture Framing on Aquidneck avenue in Middletown offers quality custom framing at fair prices every day with great selection and service. Open Tuesday through Friday or call 619-4335 for an appointment. 


Flo De-Stressing -

Everyone is talking about Flo De-Stressing in Wakefield. Stress can compromise your self-healing ability. Flo De-Stressing is a highly-efficient technology that has been created for alleviating stress. It's based on discoveries in physics and related technology, representing two decades of scientific research. An individual session is typically 30-40 minutes. The client simply reclines in the Flo unit and emerges feeling renewed and energized.  










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